R4 Capital invests selectively to maximize stable returns, remaining focused on investor goals and objectives.


Our senior executives have provided the highest–quality tax-credit investments for investors as well as reliable, competitively-priced capital for developers in over 2,000 transactions nationwide. Over the course of our affordable housing careers, we have originated, underwritten, and managed more than $12 billion of LIHTC investments for more than 100 corporate investors. We are not afraid to make decisions and can react swiftly to the complex and fast-changing components of tax-credit transactions. Our guidance has helped developers secure financing and expand their businesses because we solve problems from an entrepreneurial viewpoint that reflects their objectives. Our creativity and market savvy over 25 years has allowed us to implement sound solutions that continually benefit investors.


Our commitment to the tax-credit housing industry extends beyond the investors and developers to the residents of affordable housing. We remain active advocates on behalf of the affordable housing industry and LIHTC Program as members of numerous local and national associations that address affordable housing issues.

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Establishing new industry benchmarks in LIHTC investment.

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